Strip Bentonite Cat Litter


Color:Grayish, pink and blue strips can be added.


Scent:Lemon, apple, rose, pach, orange, lavender, jasmine.

Type:Pet Cleaning Products.

Diameter:6 mm.

Bag:5kg; 10kg; 6L; 10L.

Original Packing:Vacuum packing available.


  • Odor free

  • Easy clean

  • Nature

  • Clumping

Supply Ability

3000 Ton/Tons per Year.

Packaging & Delivery

PE bags, ton bags.



Direction for use

1 Pour 4-8cm depth of bentonite cat litter into a clean and empty litter tray.

2 Keep away from water and wet places.

3 Scoop out clumping in time and put into ash-bin.

4 Please keep the thickness of the basin at least 8 cm, and hold on to clean the basin and exchange the new cat litter once a month.

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