Dog Food Dry

Weight:15kg / Bag.


Shelf life:18 months.



  • Get rid of tear stains and shining coat.

  • Help keeping healthy weight.

  • Low fat low salt and low calorie.

  • Great palatability and high digestion.

  • Rich in Vitamins and nutriment.

  • No artificial preservative,artificial pigment or antibiotic.

Feeding Guide:

  • Suitable for adults and elderly dogs over 6 months.

  • Keep the food dry and fresh water avaliable.

  • Our product contains no artificial pigment,so you may see occasional changes in the colour of the kibbles.

Supply Ability

50 Ton/Tons per Day.

Packaging & Delivery


500g,1.5kg,2.5kg,5kg,10kg,15kg. Could be customized.

5 Things to Know Before Buying Dog Food:

Breed: Consider your dog’s breed, because different types have a different diet plan they must follow in order to stay healthy. When you purchase dog food, make sure the ingredients are suitable.

Age: Your dog’s nutrient and caloric needs are different at each stage of its life. Dogs should be fed puppy food until they’re a year old, adult food until they’re seven, and senior food after that.

Size: Some dog foods are better for smaller or larger breeds, more appropriate for a Greyhound than a Chihuahua, and it’s important your dog is fed a diet that has the appropriate amount of ingredients for its size.

Ingredients: At minimum to help a dog maintain weight and health, the food needs at least 18 percent protein, 5 percent fat, and a max percentage of fiber and moisture. Most foods should guarantee at least the minimum levels of other nutrients like calcium, sodium, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy oils.

Dry or Wet Food: While dogs may prefer wet food, dry food is better for the teeth and mouth because they have to chew it. Wet food is better for dogs who need to lose weight, or to help them recover from an illness, or dogs who have mouth pain.

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