Ball-Shape Bentonite Cat Litter With Colorful Silica Balls

Wholesale cat litter bulk


Price varies according to quantity demanded

Product description:Absorbent, deodorant, convenient, non-toxic, essential for every cat family.

Color:Grayish, can add pink and blue beads.

Shape:Ball type.

Type:Pet Cleaning & Grooming Products.

Packaging Details:PE bags, ton bags.

Supply Ability:3000 Ton/Tons per Year.

Scent:Lemon, apple, rose, peach, orange, lavender, jasmine.


  • Good clumping.
  • Non-sticky bottom.
  • Long-lasting deodorizing effect.
  • Odorless and dust-free.
  •  Low dust.
  •  Good foot feeling.
  •  High cost performance.